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Thursday, August 30, 2012

FRESH TRACKS PT. 2 (featuring: Shredda, Tetsu, Negitive Feedback, GuTTa KicK, and MSTR RPTR)

Let's just get right into it, shall we?

Moving on from the Nebula Stage, here are some of the freshest releases from the Bounce House Stage crew.

First on the lineup, we've got Shredda's latest mini-mix, complete with some of his favorite choons from the plethora of dubstep released this summer. Heavy, filthy, infectious, and seamlessly mixed, this little morsel will be like candy for your ears. Salud.

Sticking with mixes, next up it's formerly-Knoxville-based-turned-Colorado-based couple Tetsu. Their latest mix takes a trip to the past when, instead of spinning dubstep, these two tore up parties playing some seriously mind-blowing, speaker-smashing dutch house. Oh yeah, and they're really friggin good at mixing this stuff. Enjoy.

The last mix of the segment is my freshest MSTR RPTR mix, "Je Pense A Toi." It's Luvstep, so not what I normally do. Regardless, everyone get sexxy.

In terms of original productions from artists at the Bounce House Stage, let's start with the most recent release. Memphis native, GuTTa KicK, dropped "RillO" on Wednesday. This 8-bit knocker trap tune sounds like an A$AP beat on a lot of acid...which is the perfect combination. We trippy mane.

And then there's the new OG tracks coming from Knoxville's own  Negitive Feedback... and with a background in all sorts of fucking nasty drum & bass, you know these tunes are gonna be SICK.

Here is the latest of Negitive's work, even unmastered the track is heavier than hell. Get on your knees and pray.

Stay Tuned: Midnight Voyage Stage & Space Camp artists still to come!


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