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Friday, July 27, 2012

Veltix - Bacon Grease (VIP)

Hard-hitting maniac Veltix released a vicious clip of his new VIP of "Bacon Grease" (the original is available for FREE download at his soundcloud). The VIP is just as heavy, robotic, and speaker-smashing as you would expect from Veltix.
Peep the track Bass-Heads, and show Veltix some love!


Veltix - Kush

Veltix dropped this massive clip earlier. "Kush" is everything you'd expect from Veltix: heavy, vicious, and face-warping. There is a wonderful Trolley Snatcha/ Funtcase synth in this monstrous song, that blends perfectly with Veltix's more well known gritty, robotic sound. This will definitely blow your freakin' mind, listen with caution.
Hopefully there will be more to come on this piece of filthy dubstep.


Cyberoptics - POD

Also released by Cyberoptics earlier today was a devastating little clip of his newest track "POD." This time Cyberoptics is back to creating hard-hitting, extremely-robotic, mind-fucking tracks. The sample is perfect: ominous and futuristic; gracefully, the track builds to a cacophony of robotic goodness! If the Autobots listened to music while kicking Decepticon ass, they would listen to this.
Nuff' said.



Cyberoptics - Cursed

Play Me Records released "Cursed" today, a freebie from Home Grown headliner and Memphis native Cyberoptics. Cyberoptics goes much deeper and on the vibe side of his sound. It is a mellow, futuristic, foreboding, HYPNOTIC track. It is not a banger, but a expertly composed orchestra of melody, and melancholy. 
Be sure to check this one out.

Enjoy this freebie!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chrystian - Get It In (iRell Remix)

iRell dropped a fresh remix last night, and it is most definitely sexxxy...
This remix of Chrystian's hit "Get It In" has a decadent infusion of purple-bass swag, 808 drum-kits, crisp and clean samples, and an undeniable influence of iRell himself. This track is certainly something new from the Cotton Candy Records' frontman, it shows just how far iRell has come in his production.

Don't sleep on this groovy, instant classic!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moniker - Terminal Velocity EP

New to the Home Grown lineup, Knoxville grime-heads "Moniker" (creators of the Partners In Grime shows in Knoxville) released their first EP recently. Every song has its own unique flavor to it, and they all have PLENTY of bass. Be sure to take notice that all of the synths you hear in these tracks are 100% original, very little presets were used to get these sounds...which takes talent!
Personally my favorite track is the remix of Laurent Wolf's track "No Stress."

Don't sleep on this FREE EP folks! And be sure to catch Moniker at Home Grown, especially since they had to fight for a spot on the lineup, you definitely don't wanna miss their filthy set!

Paerbaer - 500 Fans Mixtape

Knoxville local and Rapture Productions mastermind Perry "Paerbaer" Davis released this banger appreciation mix last night. It is chocked full of deep, dark wobbles and plenty of banger tracks that will bust speakers and make the ladies moan. And the best part about this mix...every song will keep you guessing, "WHO IS THIS ARTIST???"

It's a free download y'all, so peep this illness and show your support to Paerbaer and Rapture Productions. Be sure to catch Paerbaer's set at Home Grown, it is sure to be madness!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arrested Development - Living (Oreo Remix)// Dynasty Electric - Eye Wide Open (Oreo Remix)

Local Tennessean and pioneer of all things EDM in Knoxville and Nashville Jonathan "Oreo" Harris just dropped two awesome remixes, both unique in their own way.

The first remix is of hip-hop group Arrested Development's track "Living," to which Oreo has given his own jumpy DNB twist...complete with massive percussion, crisp vocals and a delightfully dirty, growling synth. It is one part chilled vibes and one part heavy basslines, which add up to the perfect combination of sweet drum and bass goodness.

The second of Oreo's remixes, Dynasty Electric's "Eye Wide Open," is a far more on the vibe side of dubstep, with (once again) beautifully made percussion, tantalizing atmosphere and a low, rumbling bass that makes the song sound like the brewing of a thunderstorm on a hot summer evening. This remix will relax your mind after a long, hard day...

Be sure to check both of these tracks out Bass-Heads, and you DEFINITELY want to be at Oreo's set at Home Grown...the man is a master of all things DJing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Subsurgence - Promo Mix

An absolutely head-spinning mix was recently put up on local Knoxvillain Duo Subsurgence's Soundcloud and it is certainly every bit as heavy as  fans expect from these deathstep heavyweights.
The duo has put their talents to use at beautifully combining the metalstep sounds like that of Bare and (Home Grown Artist) Mantis and the well known rap songs of our youth... and its even got a nice icing of some trap, which is becoming more and more popular these days.

Be sure to check this mix out, and Subsurgence's set at Home Grown.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Veltix - July 2012 MiniMix

Southeastern monster-heavyweight Veltix doesn't lie on his description of this mix, "This is crazy." It may be short and definitely sweet, but some extreme filth is packed within the 15 minutes of this head-smashing mix! I highly recommend everyone give this a listen, ASAP... it is well worth it.
Be sure to keep a mop around... this mix will leave you in a puddle.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iRell - Live Set (6.22.12)

Apologies for the lack of posting, I been on a hiatus at the beach, soaking up summer lovin.

This here is a live recording of iRell's set on June 22nd when he opened for Crizzly in Knoxville at the Cider House. It is a summer-inspired mix, chocked full of head-nodding beats and groovy bass rhythms...not to mention one helluva trap portion. If you missed seeing this live, then be sure to put on some good headphones, crank the bass and blow out your eardrums to this MASSIVE mix!

Shout out to iRell, definitely don't want to sleep on this.