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Saturday, June 30, 2012

MSTR RPTR - Wonton Soup

Here it is y'all... my new mix, fresh of the presses and ready to amaze listeners everywhere. It's a bit different than my conventional low wub or the metalstep filth... sort of a combination of the two. This mix is guaranteed to please your ear-holes.
Don't sleep peeps, check this illness out and be sure to catch MSTR RPTR's set at Home Grown!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mantis - Insomnia (is now a FREE download)

I posted up this Mantis track a while back when it was just a clip, but now Play Me Records has released it today as a FREEBIE! Not much else need be said about this track than what I said before... it is EPIC and fucking filthy! Don't sleep y'all, catch the free download!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Subsurgence - Karnival Killaz EP

Knoxville metalstep-aficionads Subsurgence released a FREE EP today entitled "Karnival Killaz." This is the first official release from the pair, and they are bursting onto the stage with one HELLUVA bang! The first track, the album's namesake, has a delightfully creepy carnival-themed intro and a huge, metallic, gritty drop that is sure to melt your face! There is also a chopped-up remix of "Karnival Killaz by Oxgaz and the last track is a heavy, filthy drumstep banger.
Don't sleep on this eardrum-popping EP, it is sure to gain Subsurgence some well-deserved prominence! And be sure to catch their set at Home Grown!

Like Subsurgence on Facebook to get access to the free EP:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Young D - Creepy Crawlies (Mantis Remix)

Resonance Audio posted this BANGER remix from Mantis yesterday of Young D's signature track "Creepy Crawlies." Mantis brings a fresh new twist to this already banging track, adding in a drumstep tempo and the well-known, filthy metalstep sounds that have made the Atlanta heavy-weights so popular. This is a forthcoming track so all you fans will just have to wait with anticipation to be able to purchase this bomb-ass track, but for now just give it a listen... it is guaranteed to murder your speakers!

Ponicz - Hold Up (Dai/Break Remix)

Up-and-comer "Dai/Break" from Knoxville released today his remix of Ponicz staple banger "Hold Up." It's a pretty damn good remix, especially for such a new producer! It keeps true to the Ponicz sound and wubs, while adding a more syncopated rhythm and a bit heavier bass. Don't sleep on this track y'all, it's a FREE download! And be sure to check out Dai/Break at Home Grown!

Shredda - Home Grown Promo Mix

Knoxville native "Shredda" just released a promotional mix today in anticipation of his set at Home Grown, and this mix is KILLER! Shredda employs a wide-range of dubstep from the deeper, darker, wubbier kind to the filthier, grittier, heavier stuff (and even some trap!). Fans won't want to miss out on this one, and if you don't know Shredda's talents then this is a perfect introduction! 
Be sure to catch his surely gut-wrenching set at Home Grown!
Free download:


iRell - Doin Time Playing Ping Pong (FREE Mashup)

Knoxvillain, and the brains behind Home Grown has released a free mashup of Bassnectar's "Ping Pong" and the famous Sublime song "Doin' Time." This is one blast-worthy mashup that goes together quite seamlessly and still manages to have all the groove fans have come to expect from iRell. It is one part heavy, one part chill, and most assuredly head-nodding and infectious. Be sure to grab the free download and you DEFINITELY don't want to miss iRell's set at Home Grown!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Veltix - Bacon Grease (FREE!)

Oh shit y'all, Veltix dropped a new track a few hours ago to celebrate his Facebook page reaching 1000 followers...and this free download is FIRE!!! A bit different than the usual gritty, heavy-hitting, gruesome stuff that is the staple of Veltix's sound, this track is more akin to some oldschool Datsik, with a heavy square-wave synth syncopated by hollow, vicious wobbles. This track is sure to please. Definitely don't want to miss out on this freebie!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Evol Intent - Paradize City VIP

I know it's a pretty old song...came out at the beginning of 2012, but it's such a hard-ass song that I feel like it should be posted up on the Bass Blog. Evol Intent, Home Grown's biggest headliner, combines the perfect amount of dirty dubstep and trap music beats/samples in the VIP of "Paradize City" to make one jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, helluva track that is sure to please all filth-heads out there. Don't miss out on Evol Intent's set at Home Grown... it is sure to be LIFE-CHANGING!

 (A plus: this is a FREE download!)

Total Recall - Dosage (Cyberoptics Remix)

Southern heavy-steppa Cyberoptics released a new remix today, this time one of Total Recall's big tracks "Dosage". While this is a short clip, it gives enough of a preview to witness Cyberoptics well-known gritty, robotic noises. The full version of this track is sure to be straight fire so be on the lookout for Cyberoptics at Home Grown and don't sleep on this track... it is DIRTY!

Veltix - Invaders

Rapture Productions upcoming heavyweight, Veltix, is back at it with his newest clip "Invaders." Heavy, robotic, and filled with perfectly selected samples, this track is a sure-fire head-smasher! The best part is the seamless transition from the jumpier drumstep to the head-nodding dubstep. You don't want to miss out on this one, or miss out on his surely speaker-busting set at Home Grown!

Be sure to be on the lookout for more tracks from Veltix, everything he makes is utter filth. And check out his soundcloud and like him on facebook!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mantis & Getter - Ravin'

Another brand-new banger from Home Grown headliners Mantis, this time a collaboration with west-coast filth-head Getter. "Ravin" has a hilarious soundbite in the intro and definitely delivers a disgustingly, evil drop worthy of these two gorestep leviathans. 

Be sure to check this one out, it is guaranteed to melt your brain!

Mantis - Insomnia

A pretty new track from ATL's heavyweights, Mantis, this is an unreleased banger that fans are sure to hear dropped at Home Grown!
Insomnia definitely has all the gut-wrenching sounds you would expect from Mantis, but they have added a nice trancy build-up, akin to the stuff of Nero or Hooky. Don't sleep on this track, it is sure to make your speakers bleed!

Be sure to check out Mantis on Facebook  and follow them on Soundcloud!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mastor Raptor: Into The Devil's Eyes

Might as well go ahead and give you something tasty for your ears until the weekly podcasts begin this Friday (6-15)... here is MSTR RPTR's latest banger, also recently posted on


Welcome to Bass-Camp

Welcome Knoxvillains, Tennesseans, Bass-heads, Dub-junkies, EDM-lovers, and fellow ragers and ravers! Welcome to the "bass-camp" for Home Grown 2012! 

This will be your direct link into the world of Home Grown and to all the artists on the line-up. Here you will find freshly released tracks from headliners and some of the more well-known talent; there will be weekly podcasts every Friday spotlighting a different artist from the Home Grown line-up so that all you fans can get to know some of the newer, up-and-coming artists!

Be sure to check in weekly for all your Home Grown Musical news!

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