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Thursday, August 30, 2012

FRESH TRACKS PT. 3 (featuring: Drug Money, Veltix, Bad Robotz!, Qarrell and more.)

Alright y'all, this segment is going to be EPIC. This go around we are going to be journeying through the many, many artists on the Midnight Voyage Stage. This is the biggest post yet... so enjoy the ride.

To kick things off we have Drug Money's latest FREE download, "Wake and Bake." Trapaholics, get your fix on this bangin, bass-heavy tune. I honestly wish this song would play every time I wake up... it would be the perfect start to a day.

Next on the roster is the latest banger from Veltix, a remix of Chronex's track "Leanin." Prepare to have the vicious, demonic, terrifying sounds of Veltix was over you like a tidal wave. This track is murder, so listen with caution.

Here's a deeeeep, dark and filthy collaboration from Qarrell and Juss B, a dutty remix of Tommy Gunz' track "Team Twerk." This one is for all the freaks, all the biddies that like to drop it low and work it. Get nasty.

Keeping with the hip hop theme of the past few tracks, let me introduce the newest Achromatic trap tune "Bustin At Em." You know Achromatic goes hard in tha paint.

Moving away from the trap music, here is a juicy piece of electro house for all you ravers out there. The latest track from LebZ, entitled "Sexualize," is sure to make booties shake at Home Grown. LebZ is for sure going to bring the hot and heavy...all you ladies get ready.

That's all for the original tracks, so let's move on to fresh mixes. Up first, tune your ears to the sounds of Bad Robotz! new mix "Toxic Radio Summer 2012." This genre-spanning, mind-melting, filthy fucking mix is making me really excited to finally see Bad Robotz! live... get ready to jump.

Continuing down the lineup, here is a SICK new mix from the Lost Nomad. "The Nomad Chronicles (pt. 1)" is chocked full of laser-bass, robotic evil, and 41 minutes of filthy, heavy goodness. I would hate to be one of the speakers on the Midnight Voyage stage during these dude's set... they gonna be killing them.

And now it's back to some more trap. The fresh new DJ Skarface mix, "Geeked Up Off Them Ackbars," already has me geeked up off some bass. Trap may be popular as hell now, but everyone does it differently...and this guy does it ESPECIALLY well. Panties gonna be dropping during this set...

Coming back to the nastier side of EDM, DJ SkekTek has put out a series of "Lion" mixes that range in style from drum & bass to electro house to pure, filthy dubstep. Here is my favorite, the "Green Lion" mix that is all head-smashing dubstep. Get up ninjas... this mix is gonna blow your speakers.

If you want groovy, hypnotic, and vibed-out drum & bass, then look no further... listen to the sounds of DJ Slinky's latest mix "Budwise." Drink deep from the liquid bass, this mix is both parts sexy and heavy. It's always refreshing to hear some funky dnb, especially when it's mixed this well.

Earlier in August, Bob Van Dub made an appearance at Rapture Production's Bass Face 14 (along with other Home Grown artists Subsurgence, BoltAction, and yours truly). Here are the first 10 minutes from Bob's set... it's like a quickie for your ears. Yummy.

Lastly, on the MUCH harder side of drum & bass, here is a fresh jungle mix from Rischaad. If your body isn't uncontrollably twerking and shaking within minutes then I'm a rat's ass. But I assure you, this mix is irresistible... so scratch that itch... the one that's telling you to DANCE!

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