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Friday, July 27, 2012

Veltix - Bacon Grease (VIP)

Hard-hitting maniac Veltix released a vicious clip of his new VIP of "Bacon Grease" (the original is available for FREE download at his soundcloud). The VIP is just as heavy, robotic, and speaker-smashing as you would expect from Veltix.
Peep the track Bass-Heads, and show Veltix some love!


Veltix - Kush

Veltix dropped this massive clip earlier. "Kush" is everything you'd expect from Veltix: heavy, vicious, and face-warping. There is a wonderful Trolley Snatcha/ Funtcase synth in this monstrous song, that blends perfectly with Veltix's more well known gritty, robotic sound. This will definitely blow your freakin' mind, listen with caution.
Hopefully there will be more to come on this piece of filthy dubstep.


Cyberoptics - POD

Also released by Cyberoptics earlier today was a devastating little clip of his newest track "POD." This time Cyberoptics is back to creating hard-hitting, extremely-robotic, mind-fucking tracks. The sample is perfect: ominous and futuristic; gracefully, the track builds to a cacophony of robotic goodness! If the Autobots listened to music while kicking Decepticon ass, they would listen to this.
Nuff' said.



Cyberoptics - Cursed

Play Me Records released "Cursed" today, a freebie from Home Grown headliner and Memphis native Cyberoptics. Cyberoptics goes much deeper and on the vibe side of his sound. It is a mellow, futuristic, foreboding, HYPNOTIC track. It is not a banger, but a expertly composed orchestra of melody, and melancholy. 
Be sure to check this one out.

Enjoy this freebie!