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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mastor Raptor: Into The Devil's Eyes

Might as well go ahead and give you something tasty for your ears until the weekly podcasts begin this Friday (6-15)... here is MSTR RPTR's latest banger, also recently posted on


Welcome to Bass-Camp

Welcome Knoxvillains, Tennesseans, Bass-heads, Dub-junkies, EDM-lovers, and fellow ragers and ravers! Welcome to the "bass-camp" for Home Grown 2012! 

This will be your direct link into the world of Home Grown and to all the artists on the line-up. Here you will find freshly released tracks from headliners and some of the more well-known talent; there will be weekly podcasts every Friday spotlighting a different artist from the Home Grown line-up so that all you fans can get to know some of the newer, up-and-coming artists!

Be sure to check in weekly for all your Home Grown Musical news!

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