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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FRESH TRACKS PT. 1 (featuring: Nerd Rage, Mantis, DJ Slink, Spankalicious, Mindelixir, Freq Mods, JMo, Curtis B, and Sir Ill)

Being that Home Grown is but a few days away, here is a massive compilation I have been putting together of all the latest tracks from most of the 2012 Home Grown artists.
Be sure to give them all a listen, you won't be disappointed with ANY of them. I guarantee it.

Let's kick it off with Freq Mods' newest track "HoMeGrown," and filthy, glitchy, funky banger with a perfectly selected sample. This track will make you nod your head so hard that you'll get a nosebleed. Peep the freshness.

Next up we got a vibed-out, smoke-session, maximum-chill reggae dub track from Sir Ill, entitled "HG Tribute Dub." This track would be perfect for the come-down after a long night of raging at Home Grown!

Earlier this summer Mindelixir released a preview of the upcoming "Why I'm Easy EP," and needless to say, this EP is definitely going to be just as groovy, intricate, and delicious as anything we've heard so far. Check it out!

Curtis B and KillNM released this super-heavy banger last week, entitled "Droppin Heavy," this track sure lives up to it's name! The synths are fat, the percussion and mastering are both superb, not to mention the well mixed vocal sample... peep this FILTHY track.

Because I love this track, I feel the need to post it. Glitch-hop aficionado JMo released this track, "dB Cooper," back at the beginning of 2012 and it still continues to wow me. There is some serious technical prowess here: complex percussion, layered synths and samples, and above all a GROOVY beat!

There ain't much new to say about Nerd Rage that everyone doesn't already know about this Ultragore, genre-blending, Bass God. Let the tracks do the talking. "Porn Stache," "Dork Fit," and "Nerd Rage Live @ # Fridays." Enjoy.

The same goes for metalstep warlords, Mantis... just listen to their new mix, recorded live on Bassface Radio, then you'll understand just how ri-fucking-diculous their set at Home Grown is going to be.

Here's a relatively new one from Spankalicious entitled "Moon Boots." This funky, grimey, trip-hop banger is  sure to get your body moving. Dance your asses off, and listen to this.

And last, but certainly NOT least, we have an all-out-banger of a trap tune from DJ Slink...and it's a mutha-fuckin free download. This remix of Awolnation's "Sail," is one sexy, heavy trapped out tune. Making the best Certified Hood Classics. DJ Slink. Swag.

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