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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arrested Development - Living (Oreo Remix)// Dynasty Electric - Eye Wide Open (Oreo Remix)

Local Tennessean and pioneer of all things EDM in Knoxville and Nashville Jonathan "Oreo" Harris just dropped two awesome remixes, both unique in their own way.

The first remix is of hip-hop group Arrested Development's track "Living," to which Oreo has given his own jumpy DNB twist...complete with massive percussion, crisp vocals and a delightfully dirty, growling synth. It is one part chilled vibes and one part heavy basslines, which add up to the perfect combination of sweet drum and bass goodness.

The second of Oreo's remixes, Dynasty Electric's "Eye Wide Open," is a far more on the vibe side of dubstep, with (once again) beautifully made percussion, tantalizing atmosphere and a low, rumbling bass that makes the song sound like the brewing of a thunderstorm on a hot summer evening. This remix will relax your mind after a long, hard day...

Be sure to check both of these tracks out Bass-Heads, and you DEFINITELY want to be at Oreo's set at Home Grown...the man is a master of all things DJing.

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  1. Here is the link for the second track, sorry y'all: